For Both are Infinite

Royally Yours- A For Both Are Infinite short story in honor of the Royal Wedding!

royally yours edit1



“Not a lot of debut authors can create these raw, intense moments, but Stephanie did, and her writing really shines through.”– Amanda Richardson, author of And Then You

I was so moved throughout the book when Stephanie wrote about these characters and how they developed their connection, their love, and how they fell through the rabbit hole and ended up embedding themselves in each other’s hearts.” – Elizabeth Rialdi

“For Both Are Infinite is a wonderful debut novel that doesn’t read like a first book at all. Stephanie Alba is a skilled storyteller who has weaved a lovely tale of grief, hope, and love after loss. I always commend authors who stick to realistic timelines and characters in their story. It takes courage to deny your readers the instant gratification they crave in favor of steady and authentic character development. So even during the moments the romantic in me wished Ellie would start moving on and let Rhys into her heart, I understood and respected her struggle for what it was; a grieving woman filling the hole in her heart at her own pace.”– A.J. Compton, author of The Counting Downers

“Rhys is completely and utterly everything that book boyfriends are made of. I could have easily highlighted the whole book! One of my favorites hands down. If you didn’t love Shakespeare before, you will after this book. After all, it’s what brought them together.“- Giovanna Bovenzi Cruz


Living in London was always part of the plan. Ellie just didn’t expect to do it alone. Running away and starting anew was the only solution. 

She set some rules for herself: no connections, no love, no friends.

Work would be her only solace. 

 But when she’s assigned to train Rhys Edwards, Britain’s Heartthrob, for his run as Hamlet on West End, all her plans fade away. Ellie soon realizes that just because you’re breathing, it doesn’t mean you’re alive, and she learns it’s the connections in life that make it worth living.


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