Your Mess Is Mine Playlist

Hudson and Margo came to me at a time filled with struggles. These songs mean so much to me and really emulate Margo’s emotions, conflicts, and challenges. Some of their scenes play directly with these songs.

Perfectly Aligned Playlist

These are songs that relate to Corwin and Hailee’s journey. Their story takes place over 14 years, both in the present and through short flashbacks. They are listed in order of the events of the story. I hope it helps you connect with them and their experiences as it did for me.

My Playlist for For Both are Infinite

Below are songs that I listened to as I wrote the novel, and many of them resonate with the character’s emotions throughout the story. It’s best if you listen to it in order, as you experience Ellie’s internal struggle, and then the moments she and Rhys share as the story progresses. Enjoy!

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