Inspiration – For Both Are Infinite

I’ve always been a dreamer, both in seeking to accomplish my goals and when I close my eyes to sleep. My family and friends often make fun of my vivid and ridiculous dreams, that are often incredibly detailed, and that I usually remember. When I dreamed about For Both are Infinite, it started as this fun idea: a girl that meets a celebrity, but she’s not interested. And then I started developing it for fun.
At first I was hesitant because I didn’t want my husband to think I was writing my future hopes in a novel format (once you read the novel you’ll understand what I mean). But after I told him my idea he was incredibly supportive and told me to go for it. I started plotting the story and deciding aspects that I knew I wanted to include.

The first thing I wanted was to set it in London. I’ve been lucky enough to visit London twice (I included some photos from my trips below) and it is such an amazing city. It is modern and filled with history, there’s something about it that is so unique and addictive. My husband and I have a goal to live there at some point in our lives, even if just for a year. I actually miss London and Scotland (another amazing place I was able to visit) every day. It’s odd to miss a place you’ve only spent a few days in at a time, but I do, I miss it. So in writing For Both are Infinite, I was able to imagine myself in London and what it’d be like to live there.




The next aspect I wanted to include was the idea of loss and how one deals with it. I was unfortunate enough to lose my mother at the age of eight, and it’s something that you deal with, but it never really leaves you. I didn’t want to write about the loss of a parent, but instead the loss of someone young as my mother was when she passed. When someone young dies, it seems unreal, unfair, and like some cruel trick from the universe or God, if that’s what you believe in. It feels wrong for someone with their whole life ahead of them to suddenly not physically exist in the world. But what people often ignore is how someone that has experienced loss often dies a little bit too.

That’s where Ellie’s story came from, the idea of how you continue living after you’ve survived someone’s loss. Ellie in a sense has to start over, but in protecting herself she isn’t really living. That’s where Rhys comes in and during the course of the novel, he teaches her it’s okay to live again and to hope again too.
I wrote this novel because I’ve always loved reading romances. It’s nice to escape and read about love and happiness when life isn’t always filled with that. Romance novels often get a bad or negative reputation, but I’m really proud to have written this story. Yes, it’s a romance, no it’s not Fifty Shades of Grey (And if it was there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that). It’s a story about healing and love and how we cope with starting over again in life.

I think lots of people can relate to that, because even if you haven’t experienced loss first hand, we all start over again each morning. Some of us start over again at a new job, or after heartbreak, and some of us chase a new dream or goal we’ve always wanted to accomplish. That’s what I did with this story, and with the next one I’m working on for a fall 2015 release. For the first time in a while it feels like I’m doing what I’m supposed to. Here’s to starting over 🙂   P1020010

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